What My World's Like

going for the gold? find it in the shadow.


Before I even understood it as a psychological concept, I’ve been intrigued by shadows. As a child, I’d always look at them. Even as an adult, I’ve continued to find their value and entertainment.

Although I began to understand the importance of unearthing my self and my truth two years ago, my interest didn’t consciously shift from something part of the external world to part of the internal world until last year when I asked myself, “do you need to see the worst of yourself in order to be the best of yourself?”

That question prompted an interest in the shadow that I’m now ready to explore. It’s scary. It’s exciting. An intuitive feeling informs me that this is a special time in my life.

Carl Jung said, “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to stop from facing their souls.” I believe it. It’s taken me almost a year to begin the journey and I can only strongly intend to maintain course, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.


CHALLENGE: 21 days. meditation. introspection.


“It’s winter. Hibernate. Go inside.”

This is how I think.

Therefore, I’m going inside.

On a train ride to work last week, I noticed how plugged-in I was. iPod. Blackberry. Kindle. Then, I looked up and realized how plugged-in almost everybody was, in some way.

There never seems to be enough time in the day, to the point that relaxation and doing absolutely nothing seem indulgent, even disgraceful. Always something to do, clean, cook, see, hear, taste, etc.

We’re always giving away our attention, often at our demise.


What’s your guiding question?


When creating a curriculum, the education field uses something called a guiding question. According to Educational Leadership, “A guiding question is the fundamental query that directs the search for understanding. Everything in the curriculum is studied for the purpose of answering it.”

In striving to be the best version of myself possible, I’ve decided on the following:

Am I living in love and light?

Asking myself this throughout the day should keep me focused on being who I want to be and not who I’ve reflexively been. It’s time for a change.

Do you have a guiding question? Do you think there’s value in creating one? If so, can you challenge yourself to create one? What’s yours?

How to use your* prostitute. (*yes, you have one regardless of your sex)



I’m different. I’ve always been different, always felt different, but didn’t always have peace with it. Sometimes I fought it, bumped heads with others because of it, and even embraced it. It’s a sordid past I share with it. As I matured, though, I began to appreciate the fact that I was different. I eventually found it odd that most of us spend so much of our youth trying to fit in before usually spending the rest of our lives trying to distinguish ourselves. After all, aren’t we all different?

My official occupation for the past five years should read ‘nomad’. I’ve lived in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, St. Louis, and even in an L.A. suburb. Right now, I’m on my way to South Korea. Each line of my resume places me in a different state and/or in a different industry so it’s quite likely that most companies seeking a long-term employee will immediately discard it upon review despite my qualifications; it doesn’t exactly scream company loyalty. Here’s the thing: I’m okay with that. Why? Because I’m different. That fact is evidenced not just by my thought process, hairstyle, interests or style of dress; my journey and choices are highly reflective of my individuality. My path hasn’t always been easy or glamorous, but it has been true to my essence as a free spirit.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a little something else: you’re different, too. You have dreams you haven’t followed, thoughts you haven’t shared, passions you haven’t explored. In short, you have a life you haven’t lived.


Seeking the shadow


ego persona shadow

“I looked, and looked, and this I came to see: that what I thought was you and you was really me and me.”
– Unknown

In light of Wednesday’s question, the concept of the shadow has reigned heavy on my mind. So far, it’s had a mildly profound effect on me. As I learn more about it and truly begin the process of self-integration, I’m anticipating benefits of even greater profundity.

For the benefit of helping others in this process of self-development, I’m including some links on the shadow so we can learn together, if you’re so inclined.


CHALLENGE: what’s behind the light?


yin yang
The seed of darkness is in the light; the seed of light is in the darkness.

Please consider the following: do you need to see the worst of yourself in order to be the best of yourself?


Value: Look Deeper



by Khalilah Yasmin

I woke up today and remembered a dream that I have frequently. I dream about someone that mattered to me and was taken from me. And that dream got me to thinking about ‘value’. As I look around me and the world we live in, a lot of our values are distorted.

The way in which we judge our significant others, our friends, and the people we choose to entertain, is taken very lightly. It saddens me. While it is not uncommon anymore to see a woman with a man just for his finances, what about when they run out? The same can be said about a man for a woman. Many people place value on things that are not constant and everlasting. I’m not about to give you the paddy cake riddle that ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’.

Allow me to go deeper.


The power is within you


For the first time in my adult life, I’m truly listening to and understanding the lyrics to Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All”. Yo…this song is seriously amazing. It contains such an important message.


Brief reminder


be courageous.

30-day fitness challenge


As summer was ending last year, I was in the best shape of my life. My stamina was high, I was flexible, I felt great. Then I moved and my routine didn’t just change–it flat-lined. I’ve been exercising here and there but not as often as I like to. For me working out is so really enjoyable…when you’re already fit. :-/ There’s such a difference between pushing yourself harder and just trying to keep pace.

I attempted suicides with my fifteen year old brother today. We were supposed to do two rounds. He quit before the first ended and I stopped after completing the first. The verdict: I need to get back in shape.

Am I alone?

Didn’t think so. I’m proposing a thirty day do-something-everyday fitness challenge to help everyone who’s fallen off get back on course. By the end of 30 days, that “I have to move” feeling should be well and active. Sometimes, we all need a little accountability, so if you’d like to join me, let me know. Shoot me a message here letting me know what you’re committing to. Me? Forty-five minutes of daily activity. You don’t necessarily need a gym or equipment., although it’s helpful.  It’s almost spring, the weather’s not so bad, and there’s always lots you can do indoors.

I’m starting Sunday, the 21st (equinox!). Perhaps you’ll join me. 🙂