What My World's Like

Spotlight: Harry O’Brien



Australian footballer Harry O’Brien is not normal. He proudly subscribes to “no one normal has ever made history.” The more I interact with him, the more I’m inclined to agree that 1) he will make history 2) because he’s not normal. So maybe he’s right.

Harry’s perspective is cloaked in so much wisdom that his age of twenty-three intrigues and pleasantly surprises. With the visibility his profession allows, he’s able to touch many lives. He knows it and understands that to whom much is given, much is required. His “live for hope” motto isn’t a catchy phrase he uses on Twitter or on his site, Harry’s World, he lives it, finishing conversations and emails with it.


What My World Sounds Like: Bilal Salaam


I just took the time to listen to Bilal Salaam. It was a good idea.

Here’s “Razor Tongue” off of his Langue De Rasoir (animated by TMelchishua), reminding us to be careful of the words we choose to use with others. The idea can be extended to how we talk to ourselves. Our words can create, build, destroy, hurt, and heal. Let’s be mindful.




I could barely contain myself as songstress Nneka (pronounced neck-ah) introduced this live performance of “Heartbeat” at the World Cafe in Philadelphia. The authenticity of her musicianship and the sincerity of its messages are immediately evident. Confrontational and political, yet humane, Nneka’s music forces you to feel. Perhaps she embodies Bob Marley’s message of being able to cure hate and anger with music. Perhaps…


Spotlight: Laura Izibor


Ireland’s Laura Izibor sings, writes, and plays the piano. She’s funky, fly, and fresh. I just took note of her last night as she opened for Maxwell with just her piano and another musician, who did triple-duty as the pianist, percussionist and background vocalist. Laura earned my interest and my $20 in exchange for her CD. If you can get a chance to check her out live, do so.

Here are a few videos of her performances:

“Don’t Stay”

“From My Heart to Yours”




click for larger view

Here’s one for basketball and Obama fans. Familiar with Vince Carter’s famous 2000 Olympic dunk on 7’2″ French center Frédéric Weis? According to Wikipedia, “Carter stole the ball, sprinted, took off – legs spread in midair, and hit Weis’s head as he bent over to avoid the collision, before slamming the ball.”  The US took home the gold.  Will Obama?

The illustration was drawn by Ron Ackins.

YES! Watch the Watchmen!


The Watchmen

Hailed as the greatest graphic novel ever, The Watchmen, is set to come to silver screen next spring. I just finished reading the book today…I’m so excited. Next to Batman, Rorsharch has to be one of the greatest fictional detectives. Check out the trailer.

The visual: Ron “Rondiggy” Ackins


Rondiggy’s “Hula Girl”



Rondiggy’s “Nicky” from The Beauty Series



Rondiggy’s “Storm”


What’s ridiculously popular yet under-respected at the same time?


Reading them will give you a brand new appreciation for illustrators. I can draw basic shapes…expecting anything outside of that is probably going too far. Still, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw well. See…anybody who can hold a pencil can draw, but to do it well is an entirely different story.

One who does it very well is none other than freelance artist Ron Ackins, whose work has been featured in Kicks and XXL magazines, as well as on Nike (soon!) and UndrCrwn tees. Chances are if it was a UndrCrwn shirt you really liked, he did it.

For more of his work and contact information, visit Behance.net/RonAckins. Good…I’m inspired. Not to draw, but to do what I’m good at.

Spotlight: Little Dragon


I’ve been meaning to write about this group for approximately two months. Better late than never because chances are you don’t know who they are anyway, meaning I’m still ahead of the curve. 😉

Little Dragon album cover

The morning of May 4th was a good one. I heard Little Dragon‘s “Test” and was convinced to locate and secure a copy of the album. Shortly thereafter, that goal was met and I was captivated. How could I just be finding out about them? (Well…because I don’t cruise the music circuit in search of new talent like I used to.) They’re really that good.

This Swedish group has perfected a union of jazz, pop, electronica, and hip-hop. Listening to this music, you just know that they take their craft seriously. Note to musicians: make good albums and people will like them. Then, you won’t have to trick your fans or sell your soul. Pretty sweet deal to me.

Below are videos to some of my favorite songs on the ablum. (Yes, I like every song.)


“Constant Surprises”


For more music and info, head to their MySpace page.

Spotlight: My new favorite blog


Okay, so I don’t really have a favorite blog, per se, since I read nothing regularly, but if I had to choose one to be anything close to it, I’d have to go with Stuff Black People Hate.  I have to immediately follow that with “it’s not for everyone” because it’s not…at all.  It’s sincere yet blunt with an extreme lack of concern for political correctedness that’s quite refreshing.  Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.  Either way, it’s fine.

Tonight: Do the world a favor



My last trip to New York provided me with the opportunity to see a film I’ve been interested in seeing for over four months and the opportunity to speak with the subject of the film, biotect Michael Reynolds.  On Tuesday, April 1st at 9 pm est/pst, the Sundance Channel will begin its second season of The Green premiering that film, The Garbage Warrior, which introduces viewers to Reynolds and his brilliant homes, earthships. 

Before watching Garbage Warrior, I was already enthralled with the idea of earthships.  I was certain that I wanted one and became an informal spokesperson for these houses, which are completely self-sustaining.  They produce their own electricity, their own heat, contain and treat both water and sewage, and render the perfect atmosphere for food production.  They’ll survive 30-below-zero winters, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  Seriously, they’re wonderful and necessary.  The film traces Reynold’s journey to getting the Sustainable Development Testing Site Act passed in New Mexico which allows for the testing of sustainable homebuilding technologies. 

After seeing this film, more than ever, I know that I need to get a piece of land and build one of these homes.  I urge you to watch this film, screening on Sundance tonight at 9:40 pm e/p; Friday, April 4th at 10:40 am e/p; and Sunday, April 6th at 3:40 pm e/p.  Garbage Warrior is also available for viewing OnDemand on the Sundance Channel.