spotlight: kyle abraham

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kyle abraham‘s work is captivating and emotive. i’d be in a place of joyous emotional overwhelm if he choreographed my favorite songs, so it brings me great pleasure to see this project he’s doing with photographer and filmmaker carrie schneider. over the course of the next six months or so, abraham and schneider will release dance shorts inspired by james blake’s overgrown and kanye west’s yeezus, among others. this is elegance and artistry. enjoy.

[vimeo w=712&h=400]

view more of his work on vimeo.

#tbt: haiti, 2012

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we were planting trees and the folks from the town came out for a demonstration. i don’t remember looking for anything to shoot, but i saw these children hugging and it was such a beautiful moment, i had to capture it. no clue where this was…somewhere outside of anse-á-pitres, haiti.


posted a bunch more on instagram.

to the creatives…

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do the work. be courageous.

Source: Mreeuh Chang

be brave.

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do the thing you think you cannot do. - eleanor roosevelt

visual cues.

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be this strong. plant grows through concrete.
be this strong.

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on satisfaction.

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from my yogi tea.


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For the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting back, watching and analyzing: myself, people, life. I’ve gained some insight and direction in the process. I spent some time walking around the city and in the burbs along Fox River thinking and seeing. Soon, but not quite yet, I’ll be ready to share more of those insights; I’m still processing. I encourage everyone to change scenery at some point for a bit–alone. Embrace your be-ing. Dissect your patterns. Explore your growth, or the lack thereof. Oh, and do something that just simply makes you happy.

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The ‘happy’ test

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Are you happy?

Source: Typcut

We could all use a little…

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Image source: NEED Magazine


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