hope with fear is not faith.

if you believe in co-creating your experience, what have you been creating? what is being birthed by your doubts, fears, and insecurities?

some experiences, as uncomfortable as they may be, are intended to stretch us and allow us to touch our borders of comfort and discomfort.
to show us where we do and do not want to be, who we do and do not want to be, how we do and do not want to be.

faith is a part of the journey. faith in yourself and faith in the process.

exercise your capacity for faith, not fear; we’ve mastered that.

sometimes we all forget how great we are. sometimes we get caught up in our fears, our circumstances, our egos, our conditioning…whatever. it happens. but then there’s always that calm voice in our heads or steady urging in our hearts, gently directing us towards our greatness. it may require actions we don’t want to take. it may require breaking out of the mold of our lives. it may require us to stretch and rearrange ourselves to become more of ourselves. but we don’t always know that. we can’t always see it and we don’t always remember that this is life’s process. echoing that voice or that tug in your heart are brief #notetoself messages, delivered weekly. these are literally my own notes to myself that i know others can relate to. they’re just what we need. a little pep…because everybody needs a cheerleader.

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