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Let’s talk about it: book club!


For many, many months (dare I say years?) I’ve been thinking about– and sometimes talking about– starting a book club. Well, a book has finally snatched my attention and intrigue so much that I’m seriously craving conversation about it. That book is David Deida‘s The Way of the Superior Man. While directed towards men, the book really has great value for both sexes.


My life changed when I chose to fully believe in purpose


sky purpose

I was once a half-hearted fatalist.  Everything happened for a reason, but the undesirable moments were flukes.  “What did I do to deserve this?  There must be some kind of mistake.”  As such, I fully embraced the victim mentality and chose to believe I had little power over outcomes in my life.  I was wading in a pool of uncertainty and insecurity, and downright miserable because of it.

There was, however, a turning point.  (more…)