What My World's Like

Be my hero…


I was scanning the archives for something in particular that I never found. What I did find, however, was something I wrote a while ago. As I read it, I realized it had a certain weight and energy to it that needed to be put out into the cosmos once more. So…reduce, reuse, recycle:

Does your voice/opinion/life matter? Yes…I’m talking to YOU!

**While reading this note, please consider the possibility that it was written just for you.**

Yes, our political system is purposely full of shit. And yes, power with Godlessness is always corrupted, therefore the US political system will probably remain corrupted. But is the only power you have in the form of a vote that’s “taken into consideration” by a representative who then casts their “representative” vote?

So much goes on in our society that we — WE, you and I– dislike, yet do nothing about. We complain about the political process, the politicians, the war, the taxes, the economic state, the this, the that…yet sit idly and complacently as we scan online social networks for new blogs, pictures, and wall posts. Okay, maybe you don’t, but…

Thing is…voting is ONE way that we’re able to voice our opinions, but it’s not the ONLY way. We can’t keep leaving it up to the media to tell us what’s going on in the world. We can’t leave it up to government to make changes in the world.

I’ve decided that I have value. My thoughts, words, opinion, and life all matter. Not because I’m going to be a famous author and transformational speaker, but because I’m going to live a congruent life that’s based on making the world a better place for everyone.

That word “better” is problematic. “What is exactly does it mean?” you may want to know. I’ll tell you. Better is access to things that sustain life, not because you have money, but because you have life. Better is cooperative living rather than individualistic selfishness. We’re all really messed up from the US’ theme of rugged individualism. A divided house will never stand. (Consider that maybe that’s the point.) Better is peace and open dialogue. Better is clean air and water and sustainability. Better is food that you can pronounce because it’s REAL and has never seen a factory or a plastic bag. Better is love, understanding, and the presence of God opposed to the lurking presence of fear and evil. Better is an education for everyone that includes critical thinking. Better is racially and culturally inclusive media for people of all ages, races, and nationalities. Better is music that makes your heart, soul, and body sing and dance because you’re uplifted and moved closer to God. Better is men that respect and love women. Better is women that respect themselves and can trust men. Better is when networks of people from all over the world unite for common causes not for direct profit gain, but because we’re all one body of people spread across several lands.