The end of complaining

August 14, 2009 | filed under consider this, read this, thoughts | 1 Comment 


A Complaint Free World issues a 21-day challenge to halt all complaining.  Author Valerie Frankel responded to the challenge by enlisting her family.  She even offered her daughters $100 at the beginning of the week.  Each complaint they made during the week cost them $1.  Whatever remained at the end of the week was theirs to keep.  Here she documents their first six days on the challenge, including her insights and observations.

It’s pretty interesting.  Since last week’s revelation, I’ve been working on nixing complaints.  Frankel considers it to be a viable and perfectly acceptable form of communication and ultimately found herself limiting her own expressiveness by not complaining.  While I do believe it’s important to express the full range of one’s emotions, it’s not what you do, but how you do it.  There’s a difference between pointing something out and harping on it.  We can express dissatisfaction without being consumed by the act of doing so. 

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