What My World's Like

your power is yours.


your power is yours to keep. it exists within your thoughts, feelings, and choices. it belongs to you. don’t give it away. and don’t condemn others when you choose to give your power away because they chose not to. choose again. empowerment never comes from an external source.

suffering is a decision.

perception defines the inward experience of anything. choose better.

sit with that. feel it out. take it in.

to imply that choice alone is the difference between feeling bad, good, or great, or between feeling powerless and powerful is almost tauntingly, if not deceptively, simple sounding. however, it is simple, but not necessarily easy. the trick is that a half-hearted commitment won’t suffice. there is no middle ground.

here are some things that have helped me retain my power:

  • decide to feel good by being appreciative. thank your way through whatever you’re dealing with.
  • create meaning for yourself, your circumstances and life in general.
  • keep your focus on your goals and what makes you feel good.
  • smile anyway…just because it actually makes you feel better.
  • here’s to happy living!


    the organic commandment


    “Love is the virtue of the heart.
    Sincerity the virtue of the mind.
    Courage the virtue of the spirit.
    Decision the virtue of the will.”

    – Frank Lloyd Wright

    Monday Motivation: new beginnings are ready when you are


    fork in the road
    Every choice is a sort of crossroad; they aren’t all big and dramatic. Continue as before? Begin again?

    You can start over any time you choose.  Sometimes, things go wrong consistently enough that you have to evaluate the best course of action.  Consider walking away as a viable option.

    I’m not sure if it’s the unknown prospects of the future or the current comfort of the familiar that prevents us from starting anew, even when we know it’s quite probably the best thing we could do.  Still, many times the fear of either starting or letting go paralyzes us into a remaining in an uncomfortable situation.

    But only for as long as we choose.