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learning to love curly hair


A long-time friend of mine, Nikki Walton of CurlyNikki has finally released her long-awaited treatise on curly and kinky coils with Better Than Good Hair. For the past five years, she’s been sharing her knowledge and building a community for those embracing the path of self-love by accepting their hair as it is and learning how to work with it as opposed to against it. Better Than Good Hair is best suited for those new or relatively new to the world of natural hair care, but also serves as a handy reference guide for those like me, who have been natural for a while but never fully went down the rabbit’s hole and could use a refresher every now and then.

I’m pretty psyched to be connected to the project, as a short essay of mine is featured. (I’m published!) My favorite thing about Nikki and her movement is how genuine and bright she is and how passionate she is about positively impacting people’s mental and emotional health as it relates to hair. She is, after all, a certified therapist.

If you know anyone who could use a more information about naturally curly hair, Better Than Good Hair is a handy reference, and especially helpful to sift through all the online information. Get your copy today.

a good reminder about our beliefs.


read this: “chat history”


Technology is changing the ways we interact with and communicate with each other. It’s beautiful. It’s scary. It’s definitely interesting. If you’ve got five minutes, do yourself a favor and set aside five mintues to read Rebecca Armendariz’s “Chat History” available in GOOD magazine this month. It’s an incredibly touching story about a relationship and how Google keeps memories alive.

Read it here.

What My World Sounds Like: “Devil In A New Dress”


The Kanye West I learned to love and respect released this amazing album called College Dropout in 2004. I can’t say I was an early adopter; he had to win me over. But that he did. Actually, I began to like him and his music so much because he’d earned my respect–I didn’t just give it to him. What I didn’t know about Ye was that his work ethic was sickening. That he would get better. He would grow as a person, and subsequently, he would grow as an artist and a musician.

He’s slated to release his fifth album this fall. In the meantime, he’s having a jolly old time being creative again and I’m enjoying it. He just released “Devil In a New Dress” at midnight. Apparently, I’ve played it 70 times since then. It reminds me of all the reasons I fell in love with hip hop. This song is a late night conversation with a good friend about something that you’re kind of down about, but feel better talking about it to someone you love. It’s a long embrace before saying goodbye. Quite simply, it’s amazing.


What My World Sounds Like: “Supernova”


Mr. Hudson – “Supernova” featuring Kanye West