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Monday motivation: Commit to yourself

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“Commit to yourself” is my mantra for the week. I’m certain it’ll last longer than a week, but for now, that’s what it is.

It’s amazing how much space in our lives we can fill with things that are mostly inconsequential and detract from what actually matters to us, Twitter and Facebook, for example.

This week, I’m committing to my meditation practice, an inspiring beginning to my 30-day fitness challenge, writing more, keeping my vibration high, and being more productive in general. I waste a lot of time. Thing is…that time is life, so I’m wasting a lot of life.

Why commiting to ourselves is important rarely needs explanation, but often requires reminders. So commit to your best interest, your goals, your health, your wealth, your improvement, your joy, your highest vision of who you can be, your ideas and beliefs, your definitions, your style, your version of your life–no one else’s.

We succeed when we dedicate ourselves to the completion of our goals. Life is full of verbs. Commit.


We Think Radio: for the love of living

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DATE: July 29, 2009
TIME: 8pm/9pm CST/EST
CALL-IN #: (347) 237-5362

TONIGHT’S TOPIC:  How long do you really want to live?  Tune in and join the discussion on why so many people maintain lifestyle habits they know aren’t beneficial.  Is it that they truly don’t want to live a long life?  Or maybe it’s something they think is unattainable because of their family’s history.

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Are you friends or enemies?

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With whom, you ask? With yourself. With your body. Male or female, how does what you see in the mirror affect the way you interact with yourself and others?

While perusing CHEERUPNATION, I found this video from Operation Beautiful and was touched by its mission to remind women of their beauty and end “fat talk”.

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Because it’s good for your health. So says Brit government advisor, Jane Plant, in this Telegraph article.

D’Angelo – “I Found My Smile Again”


If love isn’t your reason, I challenge you to find one. What’s yours?