What My World's Like

I’m inspired!


Last week, I was fortunate enough to see a screening of Revolutionary Road and immediately came to some conclusions about myself and my life. Some have said that this movie is depressing. I have to say that I found it inspiring because the life they led was depressing. For the person that’s fixed on the idea of living as they see fit or for the one with ambitions of an extraordinary life, Revolutionary Road urges you to get on course ASAP. Two young lovers set on having remarkable lives outside of “the hopeless emptiness” look up oneday and find that their existence is mundane, trite, and dull. He was too scared to go beyond what he knew to find his true niche, while she felt trapped by the 1950s conventions.

I realize how much I’ve let fear and insecurities impede my ability to move forward with following my passions and doing what I want to do, ultimately, to allow me to have the life I want. If I maintain course as Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, I’ll be just like him or his wife…scared, stuck, and miserable. I find neither fate acceptable.