What My World's Like

Don’t be rude


Last night, I was speed walking on an incline on the treadmill when this girl on the machine next to me starts talking on the phone…for about 20 minutes. Okay people, the gym is for those who want to work out. If you’re on the phone, you’re not working out and maybe you shouldn’t be there. If it’s important enough to take the call, it should be important enough for you to find a private place to talk. If it’s not important enough to find a private place to talk, it’s not important that you take the call.

Don’t subject strangers to hearing about your life unless they ask; we really don’t care and you’re being rude.

In response to what he calls a “worldwide epidemic of bad manners,” Randy Hill created Use Your Inside Voice solely to address the ill-mannered. Look through it and spread the word.