Make a wish…but don’t close your eyes

June 9, 2009 | filed under inspiring | 2 Comments 


by Janeen M.

In the past few years, I haven’t made a wish that wasn’t focused on Janeen Anita. Besides the obvious birthday wish blowing my heart over candles over a yellow cake from jewel. On the day to day, it is “I wish I would close on this sale so I can buy some Crème La Mer” or “I wish that fly guy at Starbucks would turn around and see the flecks of gold sparkling in my brown eyes” or “I wish I can win the lottery and give a middle finger to everybody—and their mama too.”

But this past Saturday, I got to work on the front lines with Make-A-Wish Foundation and granted a wish to a ten-year-old boy named Chuck who was diagnosed with leukemia. I have been a volunteer with Make-A-Wish Foundation since April of this year—a volunteer wait list (one year!!!) and a background check later, I was selected and I knew it would be phenomenal.

I didn’t know that one Saturday afternoon, would give me so much perspective.
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