What My World Sounds Like: “Devil In A New Dress”

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The Kanye West I learned to love and respect released this amazing album called College Dropout in 2004. I can’t say I was an early adopter; he had to win me over. But that he did. Actually, I began to like him and his music so much because he’d earned my respect–I didn’t just give it to him. What I didn’t know about Ye was that his work ethic was sickening. That he would get better. He would grow as a person, and subsequently, he would grow as an artist and a musician.

He’s slated to release his fifth album this fall. In the meantime, he’s having a jolly old time being creative again and I’m enjoying it. He just released “Devil In a New Dress” at midnight. Apparently, I’ve played it 70 times since then. It reminds me of all the reasons I fell in love with hip hop. This song is a late night conversation with a good friend about something that you’re kind of down about, but feel better talking about it to someone you love. It’s a long embrace before saying goodbye. Quite simply, it’s amazing.


What My World Sounds Like: “Supernova”

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Mr. Hudson – “Supernova” featuring Kanye West

What My World Sounds Like: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

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Kanye West

People love to hate Kanye.  I get it.  He’s not for everyone.  Then, again, no one is.  Regardless of one’s personal feelings towards the man, I think there are some incredibly valuable things we can learn from him.  I’ve said it before, but he’s an excellent testament to what’s possible when you believe in yourself and relentlessly go after what you want, all while working to constantly grow and improve.  He was saying he was the best before it was really possible to understand why he thought so, yet steadily improved. So…now you can’t tell him anything.

If you need a little self pep talk, count him among your musical pals.

Kanye West – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

“To whom much is given, much is tested.”

“This is my life, homie. You decide yours.”

“You can live through anything if Magic made it.”

Laughter: Finding the good

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There’s a connection between being able to find the good and being optimistic.  Optimists are usually in high spirits.  Laughter is one of the ingredients of that condition.  This made me laugh, so I thought I’d share.

The book she’s reading from is Thank you and You’re Welcome by Kanye West and j. SaKiya Sandifer.  SaKiya’s mission is to be a spark to those who want to create a positive change in their lives.  Being a friend of his, I can personally attest to the fact that he is definitely a spark and will make you think during every single interaction with him.  His first book is actually entitled Think Think Think and Think Again.  Both are worthwhile reads that are certain to be of inspiration to you on some level or another.

Good music makes life worth living…a little bit

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