What My World's Like

after the rain.


because i just referenced this in my last post.

minority report.


one of my favorite jay-z songs. remember hurricane katrina? yeah…that happened. after the rain, we forget…’cause we’re a nation of forgetters.


sure, i ponied up a mil, but i didn’t give my time
so in reality, i didn’t give a dime or damn
i just put my monies in the hands of the same people that left my people stranded
nothin’ but a bandit
left them folks abandoned
damn, that money that we gave was just a band-aid
can’t say we better off than we was before
in synopsis this is my minority report

What My World Sounds Like: Sonnymoon


Welcome to Sonnymoon, Boston band comprised of Anna Wise and Dane Orr, both on vocals and effects. They’re pretty awesome. Reminiscent of Portishead, Feist, and Little Dragon. I won’t write too much; just listen. It’s good music, and I’m confident you’ll be hearing more of Ms. Wise in the future.


What My World Sounds Like: Miike Snow


Miike Snow – “Animal”

Sweden is really endearing me right now. On top of the wonderful Swedish program I’m in right now, it’s provided me with my favorite group right now, Little Dragon. Recently, I was introduced to Miike Snow, which is only technically 2/3 Swedish, but that’s neither here nor there.


What My World Sounds Like: Machine Dreams


litle dragon 'machine dreams' album cover

Music is my lifeblood. Since May of last year, the Swedish quartet Little Dragon has been in constant rotation. Their album could be found on two of my iPods and every computer I frequently used–all four of them. Wherever I was, they weren’t far. Well after a year, I still get excited about hearing their debut album.

Imagine the width of the smile plastered to my face as I listened to their latest release, Machine Dreams.

“The title Machine Dreams seems obvious. These days, humans seem more and more like machines, and as technology evolves, machines feel more human and it becomes fuzzy and beautiful and science fiction-ish. We feel dependent on our machines to create and live, and their sounds reflect us”. – Yukimi Nagano

For your listening pleasure…

What My World Sounds Like: Little Dragon


I’ve been listening to Little Dragon almost nonstop since I heard them in May. They’re spectacular. Phenomenal. Amazing. Their music touches my spirit. Here for you to enjoy, “Stormy Weather” from their self-titled album.