What My World's Like

what my world sounds like: “backlash blues”


this video quality is subpar, but the sound and energy of the song are not. enjoy.


teacher, don’t teach me no nonsense.


While hardly a frequent theater attendee, I appreciate greatness in various forms. I found it in FELA! the musical. Fela Kuti was quite an interesting person. Dedicated. Visionary. The show is on tour now. If it’s coming near you, give yourself the distinguished honor of seeing it. You will thank yourself.

Below is a video of him performing “Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense”. You may not know what he’s saying, but you feel the music and understand the vibe from the title.

the magic is in the making.


live work create by samantha margalit

The magic is the process of creation. We may live and we may work, but oftentimes, even as creators we forget to create. To produce. To finish our starts.

Here’s a little reminder for all of us.

If you read this and think, “Oh, well, I’m not an artist. This doesn’t apply to me.” It does.

Yesterday’s #notetoself: your life is your message and you are your masterpiece.

Image source: Samantha Margalit





I could barely contain myself as songstress Nneka (pronounced neck-ah) introduced this live performance of “Heartbeat” at the World Cafe in Philadelphia. The authenticity of her musicianship and the sincerity of its messages are immediately evident. Confrontational and political, yet humane, Nneka’s music forces you to feel. Perhaps she embodies Bob Marley’s message of being able to cure hate and anger with music. Perhaps…


What My World Sounds Like: The Remix Project: Mixtape



This album is CRAZY! It’s a compilation of live band reduxes of hip hop staples. Every second of it is delicious. Enjoy.


A little bit of random: reminders

  • I’ve heard “you have not because you ask not.”  Maybe we should append “you have not because you don’t appreciate.”
  • Trite yet forgotten wisdom: it’s not about what you say, but what you show.  Actions really do speak louder than words. 
  • Everyone who is in your life has the option to be there or not.  Respect their decision and appreciate it accordingly. 
  • “Life is a theater. Invite your audience carefully.” – DJ Krush
  • (more…)

Goodness in the blogosphere…


What My World Sounds Like: “Love Is My Religion”


Ziggy Marley performing “Love Is My Religion” on the Late Night Show with Craig Ferguson

Looking in the Mirror


michael jackson

A few weeks before Michael Jackson died, I have a strong suspicion that people would’ve offered more cruel words than they’re willing to now that he’s passed. Initially, I was bothered by this, thinking that most of them were just hopping on the MJ bandwagon. A few months ago, after one of my friends told me he was going to start working with Michael, I wrote to ask him, “You don’t think he’s weird?” The next time we talked, he told me that the media painted an image of Michael that was different than who he really was and that he looked beyond that; my friend didn’t judge him and believed that he wasn’t trying to recreate the pain he’s experienced.

After several days of being inundated with Michael Jackson news, music, videos and movies, I began to truly realize why his passing was such a big deal to people. Troubled or not, he was unarguably one of the biggest icons the world has ever known; at some point in many people’s lives since 1964, he provided the soundtrack. I started reminiscing on my own MJ mania and remembered just how much his music meant to me and how much he meant–and means–to generations of people.

Pretty much everyone is troubled with something, regardless of how privately they struggle. (more…)