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PE isn't important? Physical inactivity costs 2 times the federal budget for the Dept. of Education

This generation of children growing up today are expected to die five years younger than their parents. Why? Because of inactivity. The benefits of exercise are so many that it seems silly not to. Yet, so many of us still don’t. I haven’t been to the gym since October.

Don’t judge me.

Still, movement is fundamental. An organization called Designed To Move has created “a physical action agenda”. Check it out here. We have to model healthy behavior for the youngsters to pick it up.

While I’ve fallen off my beloved fitness game for a while, I’m committed to getting back on track, not just for myself but because I want to be in the population of people that’s a part of the solution. Growing up, my mother used to say, “if you aren’t a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.” It annoyed me when she said it then, but it’s true.

The children are the future. Let’s teach them well.

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Life is a bunch of metaphors


road sign

I’ve been in a kind of pensive mood lately. Not much official writing, more listening to music, matching my mood, changing my mood…that sort of thing.

Last week, I found out I had to, once again, change rooms. This marks my third room since August. Only this time, I had to move across campus. Not exactly phenomenal news for me, but find the good, right? Bigger windows. More open floor space. Private bathroom. Okay.

I kept all that in mind, but remained relatively annoyed. Then, I had a revelation about someone dear to me who I now think might find their place in the future relegated to the past. It was a rather heartbreaking moment. My mind went back to my move, which sparked another epiphany: the move was representative of making changes. Letting go of the old because it’s comfortable and opening oneself up to what’s bigger and better. I decided that life is a bunch of metaphors and that I should pay attention.

New room. New phone numbers. Obviously, I’m supposed to be changing some things. Therefore…I am. After that realization, it was hard to look at the move with that same begrudging attitude I had before.

What is life trying to tell you right now?