My life changed when I ate grapefruit

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As a child, I watched my grandfather eat grapefruit regularly. Eager to be like him, I requested to taste it, and hated it. What was wrong with the man?

A decade and some change later, I’d drastically changed the way I ate to manage my migraines. Processed foods had become a decreasing part of my diet, while natural foods became the foundation, so my taste completely changed. While perusing the grocery store for new foods, I found myself staring at a grapefruit.


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Goodness in the blogosphere

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What My World Sounds Like: Rachel Yamagata

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Rachel Yamagata. Her debut album, Happenstance, was sheer musical joy to listen to. Four years later, she returns with a double album, Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart, matured, darker, deeper, and still really good.

“Little Life”

“What If I Leave”