your power is yours.

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your power is yours to keep. it exists within your thoughts, feelings, and choices. it belongs to you. don’t give it away. and don’t condemn others when you choose to give your power away because they chose not to. choose again. empowerment never comes from an external source.

suffering is a decision.

perception defines the inward experience of anything. choose better.

sit with that. feel it out. take it in.

to imply that choice alone is the difference between feeling bad, good, or great, or between feeling powerless and powerful is almost tauntingly, if not deceptively, simple sounding. however, it is simple, but not necessarily easy. the trick is that a half-hearted commitment won’t suffice. there is no middle ground.

here are some things that have helped me retain my power:

  • decide to feel good by being appreciative. thank your way through whatever you’re dealing with.
  • create meaning for yourself, your circumstances and life in general.
  • keep your focus on your goals and what makes you feel good.
  • smile anyway…just because it actually makes you feel better.
  • here’s to happy living!


    Personal power and self love

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    v for vendetta

    The topic of last night’s We Think Radio show was power. We asked with whom does power reside: people, industries/systems, or the government? Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that power should be with the people, but for various reasons, people don’t believe they have power, and accordingly, don’t. When people decide they do have power and begin to act with that power, there will be a monumental shift in the understanding of who wields the most power.

    Power belongs to the entity or individual(s) with the least fear and/or with the ability to induce the most fear. Fear and power go hand-in-hand, the same way that fear and powerlessness do. When we, as individuals, no longer carry so much fear in our hearts, collectively, we will exercise the most power. Check out V for Vendetta.

    After the show, I thought of a question I wish I’d thought of during the show: Maintaining one’s personal power doesn’t necessarily preclude a love of self, but can people truly love themselves and give away their personal power?

    I don’t have an answer, but I’m sure you have some thoughts. Please share.