The visual: Ron “Rondiggy” Ackins

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Rondiggy’s “Hula Girl”



Rondiggy’s “Nicky” from The Beauty Series



Rondiggy’s “Storm”


What’s ridiculously popular yet under-respected at the same time?


Reading them will give you a brand new appreciation for illustrators. I can draw basic shapes…expecting anything outside of that is probably going too far. Still, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw well. See…anybody who can hold a pencil can draw, but to do it well is an entirely different story.

One who does it very well is none other than freelance artist Ron Ackins, whose work has been featured in Kicks and XXL magazines, as well as on Nike (soon!) and UndrCrwn tees. Chances are if it was a UndrCrwn shirt you really liked, he did it.

For more of his work and contact information, visit Good…I’m inspired. Not to draw, but to do what I’m good at.