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the revolutionary gardener.


Immediately upon viewing this, it was clear this would be one of my favorite TED Talks because it’s one of my favorite ideas: grow your own food!

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”
– Ron Finley

Mr. Finley is an urban gardener. A renegade gardener with a message we all need to hear. Our food system is a disaster and intricately tied to the medical system. Food can be medicine or poison. Your diet determines whether health or disease awaits you. One of the best way to choose health is to grow your own food.

The right to grow movement requires and deserves our attention and energy. One of my most sincere beliefs is that we will return to being stewards of the land, by choice or necessity. The earlier you choose, the better off you’ll be.

The visual: Ron “Rondiggy” Ackins


Rondiggy’s “Hula Girl”



Rondiggy’s “Nicky” from The Beauty Series



Rondiggy’s “Storm”


What’s ridiculously popular yet under-respected at the same time?


Reading them will give you a brand new appreciation for illustrators. I can draw basic shapes…expecting anything outside of that is probably going too far. Still, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw well. See…anybody who can hold a pencil can draw, but to do it well is an entirely different story.

One who does it very well is none other than freelance artist Ron Ackins, whose work has been featured in Kicks and XXL magazines, as well as on Nike (soon!) and UndrCrwn tees. Chances are if it was a UndrCrwn shirt you really liked, he did it.

For more of his work and contact information, visit Behance.net/RonAckins. Good…I’m inspired. Not to draw, but to do what I’m good at.