ending the war: “i love you still.”

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Recently, I asked “do you talk about things that matter?” and today I experienced one of the most emotionally honest conversations I’ve ever had. Topics ranged from absentee fathers, sex, eating disorders, rape, molestation, relationships, education, socialization, etc. It was genuine, cathartic, comforting, inspiring and beautiful. So many times throughout the evening, I found myself smiling, feeling connected and understood as we discussed highly privatized events and feelings.

Sitting with this beautiful woman who spoke so candidly about her life, I felt inspired and reinvigorated, reminded that neither our stories nor our struggles are our own. We will all experience trials, intense pain, and loss. We will all walk with fears, insecurities, and moments of doubt. We will all struggle with some degree of feeling fragmented. These are inextricable parts of the human experience, but if you let pain harden your heart instead of soften it, you’ve missed the point.

As of two days ago, I made an important decision based upon a startling revelation. I’m ending the war with myself.

My #notetoself yesterday was:

“stop waging war with the one person who will always be there for you: yourself.
love is accepting, patient, and kind.”

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to be or not to be…a genius?

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'the reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius.' - rebecca pepper sinkler

Source: TheThinkMovement.com

A Book of Questions With One Answer

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A Book Of Questions With One Answer by J. Sakiya Sandifer

“The questions challenge the beliefs, morals and foundation of
“your world”…Sakiya proves his innovative talent as a
wordsmith and utilizes each word to its creative capacity.”

Melody Hoffman, JET Magazine

“The contents of this book possess a concept which is as vital
to the human mind as water and oxygen are to the human body.”

Harry O’Brien, Collingwood Football Club

All pre-orders will be shipped prior to release date of March 22, 2010, PLUS the first 250 fellow thinkers to order will receive a signed and numbered metallic ink cover edition.

To order, click ->


We Think Radio:

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Brace yourself as Sakiya and I are sure to test your beliefs and provoke your thoughts as we entertain you.  Our topics tonight will range from business to politics, religion to education, relationships to self-empowerment, to pop-culture and everything else in between.  Tune in and join in the discussion where great minds don’t think a like…they think for themselves!

We Think Radio: eliminate corruption and restore faith–possible?

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TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Responsibility and accountability in the public office: why do politicians continue to believe they can easily betray the public’s trust and get away with it?  How can people’s faith be restored in a way that fosters trust and accountability?  Tune in and join the discussion as we speak with guest host Carmelo Garcia, Director of  the Hoboken Housing Authority.

We Think Radio: for the love of living

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DATE: July 29, 2009
TIME: 8pm/9pm CST/EST
WHERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TheThinkMovement
CALL-IN #: (347) 237-5362

TONIGHT’S TOPIC:  How long do you really want to live?  Tune in and join the discussion on why so many people maintain lifestyle habits they know aren’t beneficial.  Is it that they truly don’t want to live a long life?  Or maybe it’s something they think is unattainable because of their family’s history.

We Think Radio: Do you do your civic part?

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TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Civic responsibility…are there more pros or cons for not getting involved?  Tonight’s guest, Carmelo G. Garcia, Director of Hoboken Housing Authority, says he has the answer.  Tune in and share your thoughts and experiences.

We Think Radio: the price of fame

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TONIGHT’S TOPIC: The price of fame…is it worth the cost?

What are you thinking?

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We Think Radio promo pic

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Thought processes and personal philosophies. What’s the purpose and importance of each? How do you examine your thought process? How do you build a personal philosophy? Tune in and share your thoughts and experiences.

We Think Radio: Let’s talk about drugs…

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TOPIC: Drugs: Why are they illegal?  Which illegal drug has the biggest pros and cons if it was ever to become legal?  And what legal drug is possibly as harmful as what’s illegal now?  Be sure to join us tonight!

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