Spotlight: Lupe Fiasco

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It’s highly likely you’ve heard of Lupe Fiasco, so it might seem odd that I’m spotlighting him after he released his third album, five years after his debut. Watching this interview on the Tavis Smiley show reminded me of how much I like him and why. What’s remarkable about the release of his latest album, LASERS, is that fans orchestrated a protest to force Atlantic Records, to give LASERS a release date, which the label was planning to shelve. Here, Lupe discusses the depression and suicidal thoughts he faced during this period, how he came out of it, as well as the creativity/business battle. It’s a really good interview.

Lupe Fiasco – “Beautiful Lasers (2 ways)”

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day!

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Someone around you can use some encouraging, some positive attention, a hug, an ear, or just a smile. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every day, 3,000 people end their own lives. Many more have attempted, and countless others have considered it.

Life is such a precious gift, to us and to others. We are here for so much more than what we wear, where we work, or how much we earn. Even in the mundane is the extraordinary, and within the extraordinary are perhaps elements of the mundane.

Shine your light! Someone needs to see it, hear it, feel it. You are bigger than your “I”.

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