What My World's Like

A little bit of random: lessons learned

  • The world is replete with energy vampires. Depending on your aspirations, you may have to slay them from your life.  It might not be easy, but it is critical.
  • The potential for a transformative moment always exists, even in your pain. You can find the good and end your suffering if you stop torturing yourself.
  • Life really does provide us with signs all the time. Pay attention to them and you might find yours working with a bit more ease.
  • Ego and confidence are not the same thing. Decrease one, increase the other.
  • Once again, love is a verb, not feeling alone. If your love doesn’t translate into anything, what is it, really?  Just as faith without works is dead, so, too, is love without action.
  • There will be times when you have to go at it alone…and for those times, it’s the best possible thing.  Don’t fight it.
  • Know when to let go and walk away. From addictions, arguments, situations, people, etc.
  • Clean out your life regularly. Not just in spring. But it’s spring now, so if you haven’t started, go!
  • People who make you laugh, smile, and think are heaven sent. If one person can do all three, they’re a true gem. Consider keeping them around.
  • Telling your story gives you power over it. Don’t let it hold you back.

Finding the transformative moment


And nothing gets done.

I just found out that my loan forbearance request for my government loan while I’m doing a government program was denied because, at the time, the loan was in deferment. Not that it couldn’t have been taken out of deferment to be put in forbearance. So now it’s 74 days delinquent. They report to credit agencies after 60 days.

No one informed me.

I hate the government.

Incompetence and apathy are a dangerous combination.

There is a bit of a transformative moment in this for me though.  In realizing how the intentional inefficiency on their end negatively affects me, I began to wonder how not performing my best at my job negatively impacts the population I work with.

How does not performing up to par hurt the people I’m supposed to be helping?

That’s a question we should all ask ourselves.