What My World's Like

what my world sounds like: james blake


blissfully immerse yourself in the hazy, emotive world of james blake. while listening, there is no other way. his voice is so full of texture and feeling, words aren’t even required, but the music engages on so many levels. however, fortunately for the world, he’s been honing his songwriting skills and this second album is a solid follow-up showcasing his personal and musical growth.

“retrograde” from overgrown

What My World Sounds Like: “I’m Beaming”


“I get my energy from my inner G
I be in outer space, but I got inner peace
So tell my enemies that they can’t injure me
I know that irritates, you have my sympathies
Well, you should protest, yeah you should picket me
I’m on a losing strike, I’m on a winning streak”

– Lupe Fiasco

What My World Sounds Like: Michael Jackson



Yeah, yeah, I know. For some, it’s overload. For me, it’s just begin. It’s my world. 😉

“Ain’t No Sunshine”

“The Lady in My Life”

“Liberian Girl”

“Dirty Diana”

What My World Sounds Like: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”


Kanye West

People love to hate Kanye.  I get it.  He’s not for everyone.  Then, again, no one is.  Regardless of one’s personal feelings towards the man, I think there are some incredibly valuable things we can learn from him.  I’ve said it before, but he’s an excellent testament to what’s possible when you believe in yourself and relentlessly go after what you want, all while working to constantly grow and improve.  He was saying he was the best before it was really possible to understand why he thought so, yet steadily improved. So…now you can’t tell him anything.

If you need a little self pep talk, count him among your musical pals.

Kanye West – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

“To whom much is given, much is tested.”

“This is my life, homie. You decide yours.”

“You can live through anything if Magic made it.”

What My World Sounds Like: “Lifetime”


Maxwell, thank you. Really. Thank. You. 😉

What My World Sounds Like: Dela & Liza Garza


dela 'changes of atmosphere

Amazing. That describes Liza Garza’s work to me. Her words here are hypnotic. I’ve played this song over and over again and my desire to hear it is never quite satisfied. At all.

Dela ft. Liza Garza – “Changes of Atmosphere Intro”

What My World Sounds Like: Maxwell


Maxwell. Love him. The other day, I found myself listening to his Unplugged album and wondering when he was going to release his new album BLACKsummers’snight. All I had was this snippet of “Pretty Wings” that I love so much, I gladly play on repeat until it’s played a good twenty times or so. Imagine the grand surprise in store when I found the video and saw that the single was available for download on iTunes. It cost $1.29, which prompted a “what the…?” but I still bought it. That dollar was spent well. 🙂

Enjoy both the video and the song.

Time will bring the real end of our trial
One day there’ll be no remnants, no trace,
No residual feelings within you
One day you won’t remember me.

Your face will be the reason I smile
But I will not see what I cannot have forever
I’ll always love you.
I hope you feel the same.

Oh, you played me dirty, your game was so bad
You toyed with my affliction
Had to fill out my prescription for the remedy
I had to set you free.

Away from me
To see clearly
The way that love can be
when you are not with me
I had to leave
I had to live
I had to lead
I had to live

If I can’t have you
Let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around.

Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your
Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.

I came wrong you were right
Transformed your love into like.
Baby believe me, I’m sorry I told you lies.
I turned day into night
Sleep till I die a thousand times
Ah, I should’ve showed you
Better nights, better times, better days
And I miss you more and more

If I can’t have you
Let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around.

Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your
Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.

Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your
Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.