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to the creatives…


do the work. be courageous.

Source: Mreeuh Chang

Let’s talk about it: book club!


For many, many months (dare I say years?) I’ve been thinking about– and sometimes talking about– starting a book club. Well, a book has finally snatched my attention and intrigue so much that I’m seriously craving conversation about it. That book is David Deida‘s The Way of the Superior Man. While directed towards men, the book really has great value for both sexes.


the magic is in the making.


live work create by samantha margalit

The magic is the process of creation. We may live and we may work, but oftentimes, even as creators we forget to create. To produce. To finish our starts.

Here’s a little reminder for all of us.

If you read this and think, “Oh, well, I’m not an artist. This doesn’t apply to me.” It does.

Yesterday’s #notetoself: your life is your message and you are your masterpiece.

Image source: Samantha Margalit