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being shameless.


Jouelzy from Black Hair Kitchen told me I would love Shameless Maya and she was all kinds of right. When I saw her Draw My Life video, I knew she was made to be my distant internet friend…one day.

Her story touches me deeply. There are some profound lessons in it, so I wanted to share.

I know I’ve been MIA. There are reasons. They will come, soon. Along with all the support and urging from my friends– especially Jouelzy — Maya’s inspired me in a few powerful ways, and I plan to get back on the wagon and be shameless. I’ve got a lot of work to do!

3 kinds of people


I love Akua Auset. I really, really do. She has such a beautiful, gentle, caring spirit. Her book, SUPERWOMEN & GODDESSES: Workin’ Your Power & Magic Book One, touches my heart and makes me smile. Know about her.

Here, she discusses three types of people and does one of my favorite things ever: find the good! Enjoy.

“Nothing is for Nothing”


Jill Scott – “Nothing is for Nothing”

There’s purpose in every bit of the journey. You just have to find it. Facing the pain of the past can be quite a challenge, one that I’m handling right now. Yet I face this pain courageously, knowing that once I’m past it, I’m past it. A firm believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’, my days are filled with creating meaning. Why did this happen? What was this person’s thought process? How can I use this experience to help myself or others?